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L.A. city and county officials expand legal aid for migrant children

L.A. city and county officials expand legal aid for migrant children L.A. city and county officials expand legal aid for migrant children Protesters gather downtown Saturday to demonstrate against President Trump’s immigration policies and to push his administration to swiftly reunite families who were separated under his “zero-tolerance” border crossing policy. (Damian Dovarganes / Associated Press) The Los Angeles City Council and county Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday to allow a legal aid fund for immigrants to be used for the defense of migrant children separated from their parents under President Trump’s “zero-tolerance” border policy . The L.A. Justice Fund, approved in 2017, is a pool of city, county and philanthropic dollars that pays for legal assistance for immigrants facing detention and deportation. As of November, it had awarded $7.45 million to 17 nonprofit organizations, including Asian Americans Advancing Justice, the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights, Immigrant Defenders Law Center and Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles. Before Tuesday, the fund was restricted to residents of the city of Los Angeles or county, making it difficult to aid migrant children recently separated from their families at the border. The Board of Supervisors voted 3 to 0 in favor of expanding the criteria to include those children, as well as their parents or sponsors who have ties to L.A. County.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger, twice declined to do. “We need to make sure, where there is a case like Kevin Cooper’s, with serious questions, that we don’t execute and find out they are innocent after,” said Norman Hile, his attorney. “That’s all we are asking the governor to do.” In questions sent to Hile last week , Brown’s legal affairs secretary asked how any new DNA tests would be carried out and what Hile expects them to show. He also asked Hile to explain arguments about San Bernardino County authorities’ behavior that are “apparently inconsistent,” including why they would issue an all-points bulletin for three white or Hispanic suspects at the same time they were allegedly planting evidence against Cooper. He offered no timetable for Brown’s decision in the case. A central remaining question for Brown is Cooper’s credibility. Cooper readily admits to a series of burglaries that put him behind bars, to adopting false identities that confused law enforcement and to escaping several times from prison. Cooper’s past also includes another serious criminal charge, filed in Pennsylvania. A teenage girl testified during the penalty phase of Cooper’s trial that, less than a year before the Ryen killings, she dropped by a friend’s house in Pittsburgh and was attacked by a stranger who answered the door. The stranger, who appeared to be in the midst of burglarizing the home, hit her with a camera and dragged her into her car.

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