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Paul Krugman For a long time business seemed to have this game under control: win elections with racial dog whistles, then turn to an agenda of tax cuts and deregulation. But sooner or later something like Trump was going to happen: a candidate who meant the racism seriously, with the enthusiastic support of the Republican base, and couldn’t be controlled. Recently Tom Donohue, the chamber’s head, published an article decrying Trump’s mistreatment of children at the border, declaring “ this is not who we are .” Sorry, Mr. Donohue, it is who you are: You and your allies spent decades empowering racists, and now the bill is coming due. But racist immigration policy isn’t the only place where people like Donohue are facing a monster they helped create. When organizations like the Chamber of Commerce or the Heritage Foundation declare that Trump’s tariffs are a bad idea, they are on solid intellectual ground: All, and I mean all, economic experts agree . But they don’t have any credibility, because these same conservative institutions have spent decades making war on expertise. The most obvious case is climate change, where conservative organizations, very much including the chamber , have long acted as “ merchants of doubt ,” manufacturing skepticism and blocking action in the face of overwhelming scientific consensus. Not to put too fine a point on it, it’s hard to pivot from “pay no attention to those so-called experts who say the planet is warming” to “protectionism is bad — all the experts agree.” Similarly, organizations like Heritage have long promoted supply-side economics, a.k.a., voodoo economics — the claim that tax cuts will produce huge growth and pay for themselves — even though no economic experts agree . So they’ve already accepted the principle that it’s O.K. to talk economic nonsense if it’s politically convenient.

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She said Zsa Zsa had not been having any health issues. The average life expectancy for bulldogs, according to the American Kennel Club , is eight to 10 years. The news of her death was first reported by TODAY.com . Zsa Zsa’s life had modest beginnings. She spent the first five years in a puppy mill in Missouri before she was put up for auction and bought by a rescue group. After Ms. Brainard adopted her, Zsa Zsa spent her days lounging around, refusing to do much of anything unless food was involved. Her favorite snacks? A Slim Jim or a steak burrito from Chipotle. But her life turned into a cross-country whirlwind after she won the World’s Ugliest Dog contest in Petaluma, Calif., on June 23. Zsa Zsa, after her victory, in a pile of Slim Jims.CreditMegan Brainard Her family drove 30 hours from Minnesota to enter her in the contest, which is actually a celebration of unsightly dogs and is intended to promote pet adoption.

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