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The Post, citing two people familiar with summit preparations, said the President, reportedly impatient after arriving in Singapore on Sunday, tried to get his aides to move his tete-a-tete with Kim up to Monday. “We’re here now,” Trump said, according to the people. “Why can’t we just do it?” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and White House press secretary Sarah Sanders were able to convince the President not to modify the long-planned schedule by noting that he and his team could use the extra day to prepare, The Post reported. They also cautioned that changing the date from Tuesday to Monday could adversely affect television coverage, as it would be Sunday night in the United States. The revelation about the attempted change is one of a flurry of details that has best online shopping websites emerged in the days since the historic meeting. The Post, citing two people familiar with the President’s remarks, also noted that Trump at one point admired how “tough” the North Korean guards were and how positive the North Korean state run-media was in its coverage of Kim. In interviews following the summit, the US President opined that the North Korean people and their leader have mutual “love” for one another and seemed to offer defense of Kim’s dictatorial regime. On Thursday, North Korean state media footage showed Trump returning the salute of a North Korean military general . The gesture, which is considered a show of respect, was defended by Sanders as “a common courtesy.” A US official told CNN that Trump was briefed on protocol, which is to not salute military officers from other countries. Trump has hailed the historic summit as a success, touting the burgeoning new relationship between himself and Kim. He also announced that he would end the US “war games” in South Korea.

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13 that the Justice Department had seized years of records for two of her email accounts and a phone number. The investigators did not obtain the content of the messages but did obtain metadata, including from earlier years when she worked for BuzzFeed News and then Politico, before joining the Times last December. The records were apparently sought in connection with an investigation that led to the indictment last week of James Wolfe, a former director of security for the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, who was accused of lying to the FBI about his contacts with four reporters. One of them was Watkins, with whom he had had a romantic relationship until December. Wolfe pleaded not guilty to the charges Wednesday. Under Justice guidelines, hammered out between 2013 and 2015, the government should use subpoena power, court orders or search warrants for journalists’ records only as extraordinary measures, not as normal investigatory tools, and, except in unusual circumstances, the government should give reporters advance notice of a bid for records, to allow sufficient time for a protest or negotiation. This is not giving journalists absolute protection from such requests but erecting some limits to allow them to communicate with confidential sources. In light of the guidelines, was the broad sweep for Watkins’ communications really necessary? Or is the Justice Department using a vacuum-cleaner approach? Was she given advance notice or told after the fact?

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