How To Check Legit SEO Link Building Services

Building backlinks are a vital part of off-page SEO tactics. It takes a lot of hard work and money to build links organically. This is why there are companies who would rather hire agencies who can offer link building services.

Before choosing an agency or an SEO expert you need to know how to check legit SEO link building services.

There are many types of SEO and you have to know if you are getting black, gray or white hat SEO link building tactics from your agency.

Black hat is a service that you should avoid. This type of service is offered by frauds. It is easy to spot those who do black hat, Fiverr has vendors who say they can give you hundreds of links for $5.

This is not a high-quality link building strategy.

Black hatters are not even good at what they do. Their strategy is aimed to make the most money in the shortest time possible.

The reason for the short time frame is due to the penalties or a ban a page can get once they get it ranked. Google will surely pick up if a site ranked because of black hat tactics. Heavy penalties are sure to follow.

There was an incident in 2011 when retail giant JC Penney became a victim of black hat link building. The agency that was doing their link building campaign bought a ton of low-quality links.

Google was on top of the situation as usual and JC Penney suffered a potential loss in the millions of dollars in sales. They had to work hard to naturally climb back up in the search engine rankings.

Avoid agencies and experts who use black hat tactics at all costs.

Gray hat SEO isn’t that bad compared to black hat.

Tactics used in gray hat are borderline penalty worthy when viewed by search engines. They might work out for a moment, but you can get penalized in the future.

There are SEO experts who mix up white hat and black hat strategies, switching from one to the other. This is a huge red flag when you are choosing an agency for your link building campaign.

Being on the edge is fine if you have a high-risk tolerance, but when you think about the possible backlash you would get once Google figures out your strategy then it won’t be worth the investment.

To give you peace of mind, always look for SEO experts who use white hat SEO tactics for your link building needs like hybrid traffic.

White hat experts play by the rules and guidelines that search engines want them to follow.

Using this tactic will take time and patience before you see results. Some would look at this as a downside to going white hat, but this should not be the case.

Search engines want the best sites on top of rankings because they deserve to be there.

We have established that white hat link building is the way to go. These services usually package so much more than just link building.

Search engine algorithms are updated on a regular basis. You need to adjust to how they crawl through websites and following guidelines on how you acquire your links.

Quality link building services would place your links on high quality and high authority websites. Sites that are trustworthy and not spam will be a priority to target which is not easy.

You can also expect links to be placed on relevant websites in your niche. If you keep on putting links on irrelevant websites the search engines will see it as a black hat alert and your site can get penalized or worse banned.

Quality links will also get old, so quality companies will come up with new and fresh links to your website.

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