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Alabama Moves to Limit Sheriffs From Pocketing Jail Food Money

In 2009 a federal judge jailed the sheriff of Morgan County after concluding that the sheriff was in “blatant” breach of previous agreements to care adequately for prisoners. Setting aside dueling opinions about the legality of the practice, Gov. Kay Ivey ordered the state comptroller to stop the payment of jail food allowances directly to county sheriffs.CreditButch Dill/Associated Press At the time, the sheriff had retained more than $200,000, while the breakfast that Morgan County was serving to prisoners was sometimes no more than a slice of toast, part of an egg and several spoonfuls of grits. At one point, prisoners were fed corn dogs at every meal for about three months, after two area sheriffs had bought a truckload of sausages at a bargain price. A later sheriff in Morgan County used unspent jail-food money to invest $150,000 in a used-car dealership. And this year, when the Alabama Media Group described the Etowah County sheriff’s handling of leftover food money, it reported that he had purchased a beach house for $740,000. The sheriff, who said he was acting in accordance with state law and angrily denied wrongdoing, was defeated last month in a primary. He did not respond to a message on Wednesday. Ms. Ivey, a former state treasurer who became governor last year, said in her memorandum to the comptroller that “recent events brought this policy to my attention,” and she asked the Legislature to consider changing the wording of the Depression-era statute that sheriffs have relied on to justify their retention of the jail food money.

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France, With Flash to Spare, Reaches the World Cup Final

But Umtiti slides in and clears in a last-ditch move. Fellaini and Pogba are effectively attached at the hip, which is probably not altogether new for either of them, since it probably happens in training at Manchester United quite a bit. But Belgium will take that cold war any day; Pogba is a far more dangerous player when he gets loose. But he can’t get loose, and when Fellaini bodies him, he doesn’t seem to like it. Which may be precisely the point of doing it. First corner for France (Belgium has four). Felliani easily heads it away. Another long pass from halfway, and this time Olivier Giroud is on it for France. He lunges for it, doesn’t get quite all of it, and it goes wide. Kevin Draper: It is quite surprising how flat France has begun this game. They have just as many all-world attackers as Belgium and a defense anchored by stalwarts from Real Madrid and Barcelona, and yet they look like they have already conceded that Belgium is the much better team.

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