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Some Ideas To Consider For Rapid Plans In alt=”How Reformation clothing stores beat the rise of online shopping – Business Insider”/>

She scanned the barcodes of the items I wanted to try on and selected the desired sizes. Shoppers don’t have to interact with employees if they don’t want to. They can also order an item to their fitting room using one of the monitors, which updates inventory in real time. The display also shows the materials used and the item’s “RefScale” — a measure of the garment’s water usage, carbon emissions, and waste generated in manufacturing. “I think that climate change is the biggest issue facing our generation,” Aflalo said. “I’m not an energy expert or an engineer but I do know how to make … a sustainable fashion brand.” Fitting rooms can suck the self-esteem out of a person, with their harsh overhead lighting and fun-house mirrors. Aflalo said she leaves most fitting rooms in a “shame spiral.” Fitting rooms at Reformation are different. A light switch lets shoppers change the lighting for a variety of color temperatures. The sales associate recommended I try “sexy-time,” a universally-flattering golden hue.

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