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Checks on whether PPR units occupied by well-off | Daily Express Newspaper Online, Sabah, Malaysia.

Checks on whether PPR units occupied by well-off Tawau: State Local Government and Housing Assistant Minister George Hiew Vun Zin urged all officers and shopping agreement members of the municipal council to change the ancient government (Barisan Nasional-BN) mindset to that of Pakatan Harapan and diligently go to the ground to solve people’s problem. Hiew, who is also Karamunting Assemblyman, warned the council officers and members to serve the people well and not misuse their power. He hoped all council officers and members would go to the ground once a week. “Don’t be a ‘Yes Man’ and full of oneself (syok sendiri) but voice out in meetings,” he said. He said there is a need to check if those enjoying People Housing Programme (PPR) units truly qualified for it and not wealthy ones pretending to be poor. Hiew also urged the council to ensure sufficient medicine supplies and specialists in the Tawau general hospital for the patients from time to time and submit a report to the Ministry of Health if needed. He hoped TMC would work closely with the Public Works Department (PWD) and contractors in solving the clogged drainage and sewage as well as rubbish problem throughout the district. Also present were Special Officer to Deputy Chief Minister cum Local Government and Housing Minister introduction of online shopping Datuk Jaujan Sambakong, Tuan Koh Kian Leong, Task Coordinator of Junz Wong in Tawau, Mejar Chen Fan Kyun, TMC Secretary Joseph Pang, council chief engineer William Cheang and officers from the Local Government and Housing Ministry. – Christy Chok

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In another sign of change, the new Ethiopian central bank governor met the business community and heads of major banks and listened to their complaints for two hours while private TV cameras rolled and journalists took notes. “We are open to listen to the challenges of the business community unlike in previous days,” said Yinager Dessie, who was appointed last month. Business leaders said his predecessor was too conservative and sources in Addis Ababa said he rarely met bank executives and businesspeople and did not engage with institutions such as the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. Yinager pledged to meet the business community regularly and said two main concerns they raised, scant access to credit and crippling foreign exchange shortages, were government priorities. “We are working on amending regulations and directives that have caused challenges for the business community,” said Yinager, who previously served as head of the government’s National Planning Commission. He also said that sweeping changes should be expected. “It is inevitable to have a secondary market. We cannot be square and keep our economy closed to foreign markets,” he said. Ethiopian law currently does not allow any secondary markets. The state controls the banking sector and foreign banks are not allowed to invest in Ethiopian banks. Yinager said Ethiopian banks should provide better services and said he told bank heads privately the average lending rate to 18 to 20 percent is “not fair” to average people. online shopping sites for electronics online clothing shopping sites online shopping sites for electronics shopping bags wholesale shopping online sites additional resources shopping online at kohl’s shopping list

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