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Opinion | Trump, Tariffs, Tofu and Tax Cuts - The New York Times

Paul Krugman Meanwhile, Trump’s trade war will benefit some unexpected parties. Was making Brazil great again part of his agenda? But mainly I offer the parable of the soybeans as a warning against what’s going to happen later this month, when the advance estimate of second-quarter G.D.P. comes in. The headline number is probably going to look good, possibly over 4 percent growth. If so, Trump will trumpet the news as proof that his economic policies are working — and some gullible journalists may go along with his claim. So what you need to know is that (a) quarterly fluctuations in growth are mainly noise, telling you very little about long-term economic prospects, and (b) more fundamental indicators show that Trump’s main policy achievement to date, last year’s tax cut, is basically delivering none of what its backers promised. About those quarterly growth rates: By historical standards, the economic recovery since the end of the global financial crisis has been remarkably consistent. If you look at job growth you see a steady upward trend , seemingly unaffected by political events. Quarterly G.D.P. growth has, however, fluctuated wildly , with a couple of negative quarters and a high of 5.2 percent in the third quarter of 2014.

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DOJ letter listing subpoenaed reporters did not name NYT journalist The seizure of a New York Times reporter’s email and phone records was not mentioned in a Justice Department letter addressing its use of law enforcement tools to collect journalists’ communications. The letter , dated March 5, came in response to an October 2017 request by Sen. Ron Wyden Ronald (Ron) Lee Wyden DOJ letter listing subpoenaed reporters did not name NYT journalist Overnight Health Care: Dem demands details on Trump-Pfizer pricing deal | Why both sides agree nominee could shift high court to right on abortion | DEA gets more powers to limit opioid production Top Dem demands more details on pricing deal between Pfizer and Trump MORE (D-Ore.) for the Justice Department to disclose how many times in the past five years it had used such tools. The response from Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd listed only two instances spanning from “January 2012 to the present” — one that seemed to refer to subpoenaed phone records from Associated Press reporters in 2013, and the subpoenaing of former New York Times journalist James Risen to testify at a former CIA agent’s trial. But nowhere in the letter, which was first  reported by BuzzFeed News , did Boyd mention the seizure of New York Times reporter Ali Watkins’s email and phone records as part of a leak investigation into former Senate Intelligence Committee staffer James Wolfe.  Wolfe, 57, was arrested and charged last month with repeatedly lying to the FBI about his contacts with three journalists. The seizure of Watkins’s records was made public in June. But Watkins was reportedly first notified in February of the move, meaning the seizure would appear to fall within the timeframe covered in Boyd’s letter.  The exact timeframe of the letter’s disclosures is unclear, particularly whether the “January 2012 to the present” label spans all the way to March 5, when the letter was dated, or refers to some earlier date. The Justice Department did not immediately respond to BuzzFeed’s request for comment, and Wyden’s office declined to give comment to the news outlet.  The seizure of Watkins’ records has alarmed many in the media, who see it as an overly aggressive attempt by the Trump administration to intimidate journalists. 

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